Pinnacle Studio Free Download - Pinnacle Studio 9 Video Editing Software

Pinnacle Studio 9, the numero Uno in Video Editing Software

Pinnacle Studio 9 is one of the most popular video editing software available in the media industry. It is one of the highest selling software in the video editing category. One of the main reasons for the popularity of pinnacle studio 9 is its simple and easy to operate user interface. Even a layman, who doesn’t know anything with respect to video editing, can work with this interface.

Essentially, the major functions performed by this software are 1) recording by establishing a connection with a cam order, 2) Story board editing and 3) providing the output to a DVD. The interface of pinnacle studio 9 is very easy to work with as it contains all the features needed for a Windows application. The software comes with a manual, which describes all the editing features that can be accomplished using this software.

Color correction features available in this software are quite an Experience for the person using the software. The color correction is achieved by means of white color balancing. No other software provides this kind of a color correction feature. Image stabilization feature is another highlight of this software. So Pinnacle Studio free download is worth testing it.

With respect to the audio features, it provides the user to record multiple audio tracks. 

The user can make use of the sound mixing tools and arrive at unique sound. One can download Pinnacle Studio 9 from the pinnacle system web site. However, before the software Pinnacle Studio free download is taken, one needs to give some attention to the hardware used. 

Pinnacle Studio Free Download

Pinnacle Studio free download comes in 2 different hardware versions. One has to use the appropriate hardware installer for that version. One can also download Pinnacle studio 9 freely as a trial version and use it for 30 days. For installing properly in the PC, one should get the correct hardware version. One can tell the correct version of Studio by looking at the port position on the back bracket.

Thus one can get a Pinnacle Studio free download with the trial version and create spectacular movies and burn the movie onto a CD/DVD. Using the trial version, the users can edit different versions of Mpeg files such as MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 files and also perform frame by frame editing.

Since version 9, Pinnacle Studio has been sold in several editions: Studio or HD and Studio Plus and Ultimate. There is some additional functionality in the Plus and Ultimate editions and in my opinion Pinnacle Studio 14 ultimate ist the very best video editing software. The latest version Pinnacle Studio 15 was released in February 2011 and offers users an upgrade package only. This version is more convenient and avoids some of the problems that a few users have encountered when installing Pinnacle Studio 14.

Find a good torrent site which offers features which are crucial for downloading torrents such as speed, safety, privacy etc. Then you will not have any problem downloading Pinnacle Studio 14 Torrent. But never download illegally Pinnacle Studio Torrent.


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