Pinnacle Studio Plus

Pinnacle Studio is always brewing up new upgrades for every new version that comes out. Pinnacle Studio 20 has a great understandable interface but it has features that suit the beginners who are willing to experiment. As usual, the software will immediately capture the video and break the scenes into segments right after they’re downloaded from the camcorder. The influx of many features may be overwhelming though. That’s when you rely on the manual that comes with the CD.

There are fancy features that even amateur video editors can easily integrate in their videos to make them come out polished and professional. Background rendering gives the video project a high-quality finishing touch. The color correction will come in handy too. There are many video filters that may be confusing but it doesn’t take long to feel your way through. 

Pinnacle Studio Plus 20 allows for multiple audio tracks but it only has one video track. Users with intermediate video editing skills may find this a little frustrating. Overall, Pinnacle Studio 20 is a beginner-friendly video editing software but Pinnacle Studio Plus has more flexibility and perks.

Studio Plus is has more sophisticated features than other Studio versions. Metering is a well-loved feature because it measures hard drive space so you’ll know when you’ve pushed the hard drive to its limits. You can get a hint of fun with the diverse sound effects. The SmartAudio lets you modify the music length so it begins and ends with the video. You can also create a DVD with the different backgrounds, buttons, and music. Beginners may have a difficult time fumbling their way through the software but getting assistance from the tutorials every now and then will help. Users should take advantage of the tutorials because of the numerous features.

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Overall, Pinnacle Studio Plus is the more technical software. This means the intermediate users should pick this over Pinnacle Studio 20 Plus Ultimate. Beginners should try the Studio 20 first. If you want to feel your way through the Pinnacle line of video editing software first, you should try the Pinnacle Studio demo first before purchasing the real thing. There is also a Pinnacle Studio free version if you like to give the program a try before shelling out your hard-earned money. 


This download takes you to an external site where you have to register for the free trial.

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